2008-2009 Application Forms
2008-2009 Undergraduate Research Internship

The purpose of the Undergraduate Research Internship is to provide the student a research opportunity related to the NASA Mission. This supports the NASA goal of inspiring and educating the next generation of explorers. The program is a paid 2-semester research project requiring approximately five to ten hours a week of research under the supervision of a faculty mentor. At the end of the spring semester the student will then present their research at the Arizona Space Grant Symposium and will also produce a concise report to document their work. Students are highly encouraged to present and publish their research in a professional forum also.

Also note that there exists the possibility of conducting research during the summer months. This is mainly intended for the Summer A session when a good number of faculty will be teaching and conducting research. If a faculty member is available Aummer B, research during that time could also be available.

This is a highly competitive program which provides a great opportunity to build your resume. You are highly encouraged to identify a professor whose research you are interested in working on. If you have your own idea for a research project, you are encouraged to provide a brief summary of your research idea, how you intend to carry it out, and what resources you need for the project. Very limited funds are available to purchase supplies to support the research projects.

Please print out the following form (either the PDF or word version) and then turn in by the deadline so that the steering committee can review your application. We intend to review the applications, match selected students with mentors, and inform the students by the end of classes for the semester.

2008-2009 Unvergraduate Research Internship Forms
Summer 2008 Undergraduate Research Extension Program
Sample Projects:
  • Foreign Object Damage (FOD)
  • High-cycle fatigue in aircraft structures
  • Orbital Debris Telescope
  • SWEsat - Orbital Debris Dectection Satellite
  • Low Gravity fluid/spacecraft interactions
  • ASCEND - high altitude balloon project
  • Low-Velocity Impact of Satellites
  • International Space Laws
  • Design and Analysis of Composite Structures
  • Balloon Wind Sonde System
  • Plasma Drag Accelerator
  • Magnetospike
  • Optimization and Aeroelastic Analysis of Flight Vehicle Structures
  • Photovoltaic charge controller
  • Random and Illusionary Motion Instrument Training Simulator System (RIMITSS)
  • Inspire - Weather experiment for Mars
  • Calibrating a Cavendish Balance
  • Space Flight Simulator
  • UAV Computer Vision
  • Observing low-Earth orbiting satellites for rotation rates
For more information on any of these programs, please contact:
Dr. Ron Madler
Associate Director, ERAU/Arizona/NASA Space Grant
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
3700 Willow Creek Rd.
Prescott, AZ 86301
(928) 777-3896